Forms and Designs

This film shows how design centres and weavers service centres help to encourage cottage industries.

Even Red Can be Sad

Ram Kumar began his career as a litterateur before he became acclaimed as a painter. This film explores the various aspects of Ram Kumar's personality both as a writer and painter, by structuring the film around his stories and paintings, travelling between fragments of his past, present, fiction and imagery. The film strives of etch out the synthesis of word and image in Ram Kumar's creations, presenting it as a portrait of the artist himself. The text used in the film is from various short stores by Ram Kumar.

Liquid Borders

This film is born out of the need to explore existing geographical and political boundaries of India, juxtaposed with human, emotional, spiritual bridges. India being a peninsula, the east, west and south are flanked by water. The north too is serrated by mighty rivers thus making it open, inclusive and accessible to our neighbours. The same adjectives interpreted in the political jargon means menace of porosity, infiltration & threat to security. The film is to engage, enthuse, envision a new -found look at liquid borders and bridges.

Tezpur 1962

Film highlighting the brave efforts of the members of Youth Emergency Organization to guard the Tezpur Town, Assam during the last three days of Chinese aggression of 1962.

Manipuri Pony

The film on Manipuri animal of character & strength, is inextricably linked with the culture, history & civilization of the land, was once treated as a family member. According to Meitei myths, it was the first animal created. Today Manipuri Pony is endangered species, but all hope for its survival is not yet lost.

Mind and Canvas

The film depicts the different minds from varied strata express themselves through painting.

Remembering Kurdi

what is left of their homes, to perform rituals, have picnics and remember their dead. Gurucharan Kurdikar has vivid memories of his childhood in Kurdi but now lives in a city far away. Venisha fernandes was born after the submergence, but has grown up listening to stories of a lost paradise. Both return to search for where they belong in places imagined and places real. As Gurucharan and Venisha converse with a whole array of people, different aspects of the landscape and prior societal inter-relationships begin to emerge.

Living --The Natural Way

Film on " a miraculous and tender process of the creation of a big river island with rich biodiversity on the barren sand deposits of river Brahmaputra by a tribal person over a period of 30 years " and the destruction of the largest river island Majuli.

The Exceptional Runner - Shalini Saraswati

The Film depicts that Ms.Shalini Saraswati, a woman who lost all her limbs to a dangerous viral infection Rickettsia. Inspite of that, Mr. Shalini did not lose hope and bettered her life by concentrating on her home, career and finally in the sports of running. She has participated in the 10 K, TCS marathon and now has set a goal of participating in 2020 Olympics.

The Last Adieu

A daughter's journey from denial to indifference, from apathy to empathy, from hate to love, as she discovers a father who was a genius, a sensitive and compulsive filmmaker who sacrificed his personal life to pains takingly convey social and political truths on celluloid.