A Journey to Baster

The film records the scenic beauty of Bastar region, the agricultural activities of Gonds in detail, the rituals and festivals and religious function etc.

Earth Crusader

This film is based on an eminent architectural practitioner Mrs. Didi Contractor. She studies vernacular traditions, and is still involved in designing practical adaptations for contemporary sustainability, training young artisans and reviving local skills. Her projects include building over 16 homes, a community clinic a center for compassionate living, a craft market, a residential resort and the Sambhavana institute for public policy. She is known for architectural designs in Adobe that embody her evolving ethical, ecological and aesthetic values.

Breaking All the Way

The film is on the new emerging culture of boying amongst the new youth today, especially the underprivileged sections. While the documentary covers various elements within the hip-hop culture it largely tells stories of a few boys and explores their world of this very acrobatic style of dance. It also has a central character and all other stories and exploration into this new culture emanates from his story.

Vedic Mathematics

"In his lifetime itself Dr. Ram Dayal Munda has become a symbol of indigenous cultural reawakening.
Born in an Adivasi family of Tamar in Jharkhand, he went for his higher studies in the United States of America. Later, he taught at the University of Minnesota. He came back to India to teach at Tribal and Regional Language Department of Ranchi University and subsequently become the Vice Chancellor of the same University. Ram Dayal Munda was the leading intellectual who has contributed to Jharkhand movement immensely.

Bharata Natyam

Featuring the danseuse Kamala, the film explains the unique features in the technique of Bharat Natyam. It also presents the various dance numbers of Bharat Natyam beginning with the 'Jati Swaram'.

The Chola Heritage

The film highlighting the Dravidian temple architecture and bronze sculpture which attained the creative pinnacle during the rule of the Cholas in the 10th and the 11th centuries. Cholas were great temple builders. The temple of Vijayalaya Cholesvara is one of the finest examples of the early Chola style. The temple of Nagesvara at Kumbakonam is remarkable for the sculptures found in the niches of its outer walls. The Brihadesvara temple at Thanjavur is a landmark in the evolution of building art in India.

Wild But Friendly

India is rich in wild life with several sanctuaries for the preservation of bird and animal life. This film shows the various species of fauna in the country. It is primarily meant for T.V. audiences.


The film is an authentic record of the successful Everest Expedition of 1965 sponsored by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and led by Lieutenant Commander M. S. Kohli. It shows the preparations, approach march, route marking on ice-fall and the final assault on the summit by four teams.

Poovanam or Flower Garden

A tourist film is on South India showing various places of touristic interest in Madras, Kerala, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Goa. The film shows some of the important festivals like Onam in Kerala and Dussera in Mysore.

Feminine Fashions

The costumes of Indian women and the accessories which go with them are shown in this film besides the saree, a popular wear, the documentary exhibits the pherar of Kashmiri women, colourful dresses of the Khasi and Naga women of Assam, the salwar and Kameez of the Punjab and the garara and odhani worn by girls from Uttar Pradesh.