NM0462 : Struggle for Identity

This film in a nutshell brings out the history of the struggle undertaken by the tribals of chotanagpur belt, which was part of earlier south Bihar, carved out of which ultimately resulted in the birth of a new state Jharkhand.

NM0271 : Zail Singh Passes Away

Former President of India, Giani Zail singh passed away on 25.12.94 at Chandigarh. This film is a tribute to the departed leader.

Light, Shadow and Me (V. K. Murthy)

A vetran cameraman of the black & white era. V. K. Murthy's collaboration with Guru Dutt resulted in many memorable films. He was a master of light & shadow and created many innovative techniques. in 2008 the Dadasaheb Phalke Awards was conferred on this Veteran Cinematographer who is the first Cameraman to receive the honour for his contribution to Indian cinema.

I Am 100 Years Young

The history of world cinema has been a long and glorious account of steady emergence to reach the dimensions and industry marked by the production of the first film by Lois and August Lumiere, screened in March 1896. I AM HUNDRED YEARS YOUNG, brings to us the Indian Cinema to all its variety and versatility, its glory and greatness, not forgetting the tinsel world.

Babasaheb Ambedkar

A biographical film about Babasaheb Ambedkar, the chief architect of the Constitution of India. Dr. Ambedkar dedicated his life to the cause of the downtrodden. Born of humble parents, Bhimrao the 14th child of an army subedar had his primary schooling in Dapoli in Konkan and at Satara in Maharashtra. Aided by scholarships, brilliant Bhimrao attended college in Bombay. Later he went to Columbia University in New York. He set up his legal practice in Bombay High Court in 1924. As a member of the Bombay Legislative Assembly, an active public career was already in the making.

Advaita of Sri Sankara and Swami Vivekananda

This film juxtaposes the Advaita tenets propounded by Sri Sankaracharya, with that of Swami Vivekananda, and in the process it takes the viewer on a detour of the Advaita Ashram, Mayabati in Himalayas, known as the Abode Of Peace for Swami Vivekananda, along with various other Ashrams, as well as Srinegri Sharada Math of Sankaracharya, Kalady and the other four Maths established in four corners of India-taking up the various tenets of Advaita propounded by each of them and throw more light on the principles of Advaita.

A Tradition of Honour

The Indian Army has a glorious tradition behind it. It has won battle spurs and honours across three continents. Officers and soldiers of the Indian Army continue to uphold this tradition of honour.

A Story That Grows on You

A savings campaigner cartoon film motivating rural people to save part of their income through the National Savings Scheme(NSS).

A Few Things I Know About Her

Mirabai is a cultural icon and her images and stories swamp our popular culture. The conflicts expressed in her poetry however, do not always tally with this popularly held belief. The film explores some of these contradictions. We discover some alternate traditions of Mira and a personal connection is formed with this "Mystic Saint", who lived and died 500 years ago. We travel from the towns and villages of Rajasthan to the vast desert, in search of Mira. All the characters we meet have been living with Mira in different ways and in the telling of her story, they often tell us their own.