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Work Allocation

Additional Secretary

  • All files of JS (B-II) relating to Prasar Bharati and CRS shall be submitted to Secretary (I&B) through Additional Secretary.
  • All matters related to JS (Films) to be handled directly by AS till such time the post of JS(Films) is vacant.

Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser now Special Secretary and Financial Advisor

  • All matters related to Finance, Budget and Accounts of this Ministry.

Joint Secretary (Films)

  • Policy formulation in Media & Entertainment (M&E) Sector.
  • All policy, financial, Plan schemes and administrative matters relating to NFDC, CBFC, CFSI, National Films Archives of India(NFAI), FTII, SRFTI, Films Division, Directorate of Films Festivals including National-International Films Festivals, Film Industry, Films Certification Appellate Tribunal.
  • Matters relating to Cinematograph Act and Rules framed thereunder
  • Matters related to video piracy, copyright, intellectual property rights, FIPB, Project import proposal, audio-visual coproduction agreements with various countries.
  • Participation in film markets/film bazaar, permission to foreign film makers to shoot feature film in India.
  • Setting up of National Centre for excellence for animation, gaming and visual effects.

Joint Secretary (Policy & Administration)

  • Policy matters of the Press and Print Media, publicity requirements of the Government
  • Administration Division of the Ministry
  • Matters relating to Media Units except RNI and BOC
  • Projecting India’s success stories globally
  • Matters related to Electronic Media Monitoring Centre & New Media Cell
  • All matters relating to Broadcast Content Regulations and Licensing of Private TV channels
  • Digital/ Online Media
    • Films and Audio-Visual programmes made available by online content providers
    • News and current affairs content on online platforms
  • Broadcasting Policy & Legislation (Programme Code and Advertisement Code) excluding matters of Prasar Bharati.

Joint Secretary (Broadcasting-I)

  • Cadre management of Indian Information Service (IIS)
  • Licensing of Private T.V. Channels
  • Formulation of National Broadcasting Policy
  • Broadcasting Policy and Legislation (including DTH)
  • Digitization of Cable TV
  • Broadcasting Development and Finance
  • Matters relating to FM Radio
  • Charge of Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO).

Joint Secretary (Broadcasting-II)

  • All matters relating to Broadcasting Administration of Engineering and Programme wings of Prasar Bharati
  • Matters relating to Broadcasting Content of Prasar Bharati and all other matters of Prasar Bharati
  • Matters relating to Community Radio
  • Matters relating to RNI and BOC.

Senior Economic Adviser/Economic Adviser

  • Consolidation of schemes and periodic evaluation of performance indicators in terms of impact, expenditure and outcomes
  • Outlining strategic papers and vision document for key initiatives of the Ministry
  • Evaluating performance of Inter-Media Publicity Coordination Committee (IMPCC) across States to ascertain the impact of Governance policies and programmes.
  • Matters relating to Union Budget and Fiscal Policy matters relating to I&B Ministry
  • Matters relating to President’s Speech
  • Website and Dashboard
  • Coordination of Parliament matters