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Remembering Kurdi

what is left of their homes, to perform rituals, have picnics and remember their dead. Gurucharan Kurdikar has vivid memories of his childhood in Kurdi but now lives in a city far away. Venisha fernandes was born after the submergence, but has grown up listening to stories of a lost paradise. Both return to search for where they belong in places imagined and places real. As Gurucharan and Venisha converse with a whole array of people, different aspects of the landscape and prior societal inter-relationships begin to emerge. The harsh memories of caste and feudal injustice are discussed with as much curiosity and fervour as personal stories of loss and longing. Yet while each community be they Hindu, Christian, Muslim or the Gaonkar tribe all tell of fractured histories. They share the fact of submergence just the same. As Venisha and Guru join the members of each community to traverse the arid landscape into the depths of the Salaulim reservoir, they witness how gestures can bring to life trees and houses and rivers that are no more. They witness how the very act of remembering can also be an act of becoming part of the land.