Her Theme of Freedom - Raj Begum - The Melody Queen of Kashmir

Like Jheluml, Raj Begum is unstoppable. Along taboos and tribulations this rebel obstinate ushered in a new freedom for women in Jammu and Kashmir. Raj Begum thawed the long frozen cultural heritage of Kashmir. She is a phenomenon in kashmir valley and has been singing over 5 decades. she reigned supreme from the era when broadcasting was only live. Her first teacher and guide was a pioneer, Qadir Langoo. Raj Begum sang Gulrez in Kashmiri in her unique soprano singing style, and made it immortal. at 89, Raj Begum sustains her urge to sing and learn. she is a single generation prodigy.

Vultures in Rani

With an aim to preserve the Vultures, captive breeding is propagated as a viable option. These big birds are now in grave danger of disappearing from the sky.

Tribal Women Artists

The film depicts the creative instincts of tribal women of Hazaribug in Bihar through the paintings, drawings and sketches done traditionally.

The World of Dr. Haffkine

Waldameir Haffkine who founded the historic Haffkine Institute in Bombay 75 years ago was born on March 16th, 1860 in Odessa, Russia. He was trained at the Pasteur Institute in Paris under Louis Pasteur himself. After years of assiduous research he developed a cholera vaccine in 1892. He came to Calcutta to test his newly discovered vaccine in actual epidemic conditions. Dr. Haffkine came to Bombay to fight the plague epidemic in 1897. in 1899, he founded the Plague Research Laboratory which was later called the Bombay Bacteriological Laboratory and now the Haffkine Institute.

The Sruti and The Graces in Indian Music

The Indian melody is made up of notes which are related purely by the continuity. There is no such thing in Indian music as an exact quarter tone, but there are sharps that are sharper than the sharps of the diatonic scale and flats which are flatter.

The Monpas of Arunachal

A film on Monpas Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.


Sthapati is subtle probe into the psyche of this multitalented sculptor architect. It unfolds layers of this creator sometime bringing out rhyme reciting child, sometimes an angry young man from this octogenarian.

Our Indira

This film records the late third Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi taking oath of her office and addressing the first ever UN Conference on Human Environment at Stockholm, where she said, "The rich countries may look upon development as a course of environmental destruction...But to us, development is one of the primary means of improving the environment of living, of providing food, water, sanitation and shelter, of making the desert green and the mountains habitable."

NM0352 : Modern Art 1947-1997

This News Magazine shows the highlights of fifty years of Modern Art in Mumbai. The objective of this exhibition was to delineate the stylistic changes that have taken place over the last five decades.

NM0431 : Thakurani Jatra - Procession of Goddess Kali

This film is about the unique ethnic rituals observed in summer nights by the people of Ganjam district in south Orissa. This is popularly known as Thakurani Jatra that is procession of goddess Kali, the supreme primordial energy of the universe.