The Glimmering Countryside

India has 576,126 villages. While in 1951 only 3000 of them had electricity, by 1972 over 2 lakh of them were electrified.And by 1982 over 3 lakh villages were electrified. The Rural Electrification Corporation was set up in 1969 to plan and promote rural electrification on scientific basis through out the country. The Corporation finances rural electrification projects. 5881 projected were sanctioned until December 1982 estimated to cost Rs. 1848 cr. This film surveys India's achievement in rural electrification.

Mother and Child ( Maa or Shishu )

A family welfare film is about the precautions that should be taken by the expectant mother during the period of pregnancy, which should also mean birth of a healthy baby.

Mongolia - Friendly Mongolia

A three-member team of the Films Division of the Government of India visited Mongolia during July 1986 to produce a documentary on the People's Republic of Mongolia. This film presents the progress and development achieved by the working people of Mongolia. For centuries, Mongolia was oppressed by the feudal lords and the Manchamian conquerors. Sukhebator, the founder of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party led a popular people's revolution. On July 11, 1921 Mongolia was liberated.

Legal Aid

Free legal aid to the weaker sections of society is enshrined in the Directive Principles of the Indian Constitution. As Justice Bhagwati says, "Every person whose income is less than Rs. 5000 per year is entitled to free legal aid from a panel of lawyers appointed by each Legal Aid Committee." This film presents some cases of individuals helped by this service.


"1. 5TH INDIAN ENGINEERING TRADE FAIR: President Zail Singh inaugurated in New Delhi.

NR1745 - A


Thirty Fifth All India Police Games - 1986

A film recording various events that took place during the game shield at the different stadia in New Delhi during the 35th All India Police Games. At the closing ceremony, the contingents of all Central and State Police Organisations received prizes from Arun Nehru, Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Third Hand

The film indicating that it is the external unseen forces (the third hand) which grab the average man unawares and turn him against his own brothers and sisters. In order to destabilise the country, they create communal disharmony and spread hatred. Every individual in India should be vigilant and guard the nation against divisive forces.

The Hidden Enemy

An instructional film appealing to the public to be careful in buying food stuff, medicines or any other daily consumable items because it can be adulterated. It shows certain methods of by which consumers can ensure themselves against such adulteration.

Tears and Smiles

The Sri Lankan ethnic crisis took a violent turn in July 1983. Thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils started fleeing their country and took refuge on the Indian soil. On humanitarian grounds India gave them shelter, food, clothing and all other facilities, and also made prolonged efforts to mediate between warring factions and the Sri Lankan government for a political solution. This eventually resulted in the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord. As per the agreement, India started repatriating Sri Lankan refugees back to their soil as normalcy prevailed.