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"1. 5TH INDIAN ENGINEERING TRADE FAIR: President Zail Singh inaugurated in New Delhi.
2. THE NATIONAL SCENE: (a) AGA KHAN IN DELHI AND BOMBAY: Pays homage to the Father of the Indian Nation. At the Institute of Islamic Studies, New Delhi, he appreciates the encouragement given to studies of the Islamic legacy in the subcontinent. (b) NATIONAL HANDLOOM EXPO (BANGALORE & AHMEDABAD): Successive five-year plans have emphasised the development of the handloom sector. This is the biggest handloom expo. (c) MAHAKAVI BHARATI: The yearlong celebrations of the birth centenary of Subramanian Bharati come to a close. In Madras a two-day function lays emphasis on women's education. Governor of Bihar receives a memento after he had inaugurated the ceremony. President Zail Singh extols Bharati's life and work.
3. GUARDING THE COAST: COAST GUARD EXERCISE, BOMBAY - Youngest wing of Indian defence forces conducts its annual fleet exercise Off Bombay Harbour.
4. SPORTS: NATIONAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP - 33rd event held at Jamshedpur.
5. REGIONAL NEWS (EAST): (a) NEW MINISTRY IN TRIPURA: Agartala, Mr. Nripen Chakraborty heads the ministry. (b) BRATACHARI CAMP: All Bengal Bratachari Camp - physical education etc.