Damayanti Joshi

This short film is on the life and work of Ms. Damayanti Joshi, the renowned exponent of the Kathak dance form. The word Kathak is derived from kathakar or story-teller. Kathak is the art of storytelling. A story is interpreted through abhinaya - hand gestures, facial expressions and bodily movements. Originally performed in temples, this dance form was later performed in the royal courts. Formerly society girls were not allowed to take this dance form. But it was through the efforts Ms. Sokhi, wife of Major General Sokhi, such a stigma was eventually removed.

Crystal Clear

The cartoon film showing how everybody can help himself to build his own future by investing in small savings through Life Insurance Corporation,Unit Trust of India and other schemes of savings.

Creations in Metal

The film highlights the age-old art of Indian craftsmen. Varied rich creations in metal are displayed artistically in this short documentary.

City on The Water

The film about the typical urban problems faced by the city of Bombay as its population has grown and how the idea about developing Bombay evolved - the new city of 2 million that was being planned and developed across the harbour. The film speaks about the Thane creek bridge that had been opened to traffic. It shows development of the industrial belt near Thane employing over 20,000 persons that time, Konkan Bhavan for housing various state government departments, etc.

Can It Be Cured

The film depicts the early symptoms of cancer and explains in animation treatment, the seven danger signals of the disease and its treatment.

Beating Retreat

This short film depicts the colourful ceremony of beating the retreat Vijay Chowk in New Delhi. The film is a feast of music provided by the bands of the Army, Navy and Air Force.


Concerning the arrival of natural products such as vegetables and livestock as well as human labour into a city from rural areas, this film explores the product-commodity-exchange value relationship. Representing in itself a variety of exchange value, money as capital destroys the natural specificity of people and things. In the process, the labourer is reduced to a mere commodity.

An Encounter With Faces

This film, without narration, attempts to capture the mood and plight of the children's homes at Dongri and Mankhurd in Bombay. The delinquent children themselves narrate their problems and socio-economic plight they have to suffer. The film attempts to make general public aware about the condition of these delinquent children while emphasising the need for their rehabilitation.


The film portrays the various aspects of the personality of the great Maestro, Ustad Allaudin Khan.

Ustad Alla Rakha

The Film Depicts the art and life of the Table Maestro. Ustad Alla Rakha who has played a major role in popularizing and elevating the status of this instrument on a global level.