Festival Time - 1971

This colour short depicts the various festivals in Madhya Pradesh and also tries to impart the message of emotional integration between different communities.

Ravi Shankar

"Ravi Shankar" is a film portrait of the Sitar Maestro, depicting through a series of interviews and recitals his versatile personality as a well-known classical performer and a creative composer of Indian Music.

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is Kashmir, the valley having fascinating beauty bestowed by Nature. This film brings out the many splendored beauty that blossom in floral and seasonal variances. Artists capture this beauty in their works.

Creative Artists of India - Satyajit Ray

One of the early documentaries on Satyajit Ray. Here world-renowned Indian film-maker narrates the process of his film making.

Look At Us Now

The film showing how India has made progress in every field of economy, to become a self-sufficient country. The post-independent India has substantially developed its machine tools, textiles, chemicals, sugar and other industries, besides telecommunication and transport sectors. India has also developed electronic industry. Her craftsmen still retain their world renowned arts. After three decades of independence, Indians can now proudly tell anyone: Look at us now.

Ramlila of Ramnagar

Ramlila is a popular form of theatre around the tales of Lord Rama and His arch enemy Ravana, the ten-headed demon. This theatre form is performed over years in Northern India. Across the Ganges, twelve miles from Varanasi is Ramnagar Fort, where every year31-day cycle of Ramlila is performed. Ramlila was given its present form by Maharaja Udit Narain Singh, a great patron of the arts and devotee of Rama. Ramlila of Ramnagar is a unique event; when the religious epic is recreated year after year on such a magnificent scale.

Man in Search of Man

The film exploring the life of the tribal’s in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Chhau Dance of Bengal (Bengal ke Chhau Nrutya)

The film is on the Chhau Dance of Bengal. Chhau reflect both an artistic achievement and a way of life.


An animation film about water conservation. It starts in a small town afflicted with severe drought. All the water in the wells an driver has dried up. Munni is desperate to get water for her ailing mother but to no avail. Tired, she sleeps under a tree, where she dreams that she is waterning the ground and the flowers bloom.As she wakes up, she sees that her pitcher is full of water. She rushes back home.