My Dreams

Based on poems by Ali Sardar Jafri, this film portrays the poet's dreams about the new world that would be created by human hands, human labour; the world of happiness and new hopes.

Guru Chengannur

Guru Chengannur Raman Pillai, the greatest living exponent of Kathakali was born in Chengannur, a village in Kerala in 1884. He received his early training under Thakazi Kesava Panikkar and Ambalapouza Kunju Krishna Panikkar. Chengannur's figure and face were such that all his roles were endowed with striking beauty. Guru Chengannur has trained generations of great Kathakali artistes in his lifetime. He received the most coveted awards in India, including the Sangit Natak Akademy Award (1964), and Padmashree (1971).

Manavalakurichi, My Village

Through a sentimental journey of Lakshmi to her village, Manavalakurichi in Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu, this film demonstrates the overall transformation that has taken place in rural India. However, for all its progress, Manavalakurichi, for instance, still retain sits old character. It is still a land of fisherfolk, people who constantly battle with the stormy seas to earn a living. But there is a change : now there are three co-operatives which find a good market for their catch in the hinterland.


A film on the synthesis of images. The symbolic image of Mahatma Gandhi, the metamorphosis of life as in bull's image, the love of Gods in Madurai and the closing of identity in an active situation has been executed textually and environmentally in terms of cinema with the principal intention of alienating both the image and the action to make a protest against violence,

Khilone Wala

The film is on the theme of national integration.

Jallianwalla Bagh

The massacre of Jallianwalla Bagh is a flash point of history and heritage of our nation. For the making of this film, material was collected from various sources in India and abroad. Filmic material was procured from newsreel organisations in Europe which were operating in India during the first half of the 20th Century and archival material from India Office Library, London, Nehru Museum and the National Archives. This film tries to bring home the role played by this incident in our struggle for freedom.

Freedom and The Family

Freedom takes along with it the sense of responsibility towards one's own family and society at large. Children born in the atmosphere of free India should cherish freedom of thought and action while shaping the future for better and peaceful living.

Ek Anek Aur Ekta

An animation film weaving a story around the proverb "United we stand, Divided we fall".

Drought in Maharashtra

1973 was the third year in succession when Maharashtra had faced drought. The worst-hit districts were Aurangabad, Osmanabad, Bid, Sholapur, Ahmednagar, Parbhani, Nanded and Satara. By the end of March 1973, the Government of Maharashtra was estimated to have spent Rs.1500 million on various drought-relief schemes. This film shows various official and voluntary organisations' work to help people worst affected by the gruesome drought.