NM0528 : Lahron Ka Kahar

This film in brief the devastation left by "The Tsunami Tragedy" which shook the South Indian and entire Islands of Andaman & Nicobar coastline with huge loss of lives.

The Empty Boat

With no water to sustain life, very soon our earth will become an empty boat.

Ode To The Child

Through William Wordsworth's poem "Ode to the Child", this film underlines the importance of proper environment and understanding developed by adults that can help growth of a child's mind and body. The Child is father of Man; And I c could wish my days to be Bound each to each by natural pietysaid Wordsworth.

Ocean Pearls

India's oceans offer precious pearls in the form of variety offish wealth. This film demonstrates techniques of processing shrimps, prawns, lobsters, etc. which can be sold locally and exported by fishermen's co-operatives.

NM0131 : And Quietly Dies Vasundhari

On the outskirts of the city of Bombay, near the train terminus Titwala, is a small village called Vasundhari, situated on the banks of the river Kalu. About 15,000 men, women and children live here. The entire village is dying slowly of an undiagnosed disease that no known medicine can cure. They are dying of what one could at best describe as the Vasundhari Syndrome. Talkie includes a local milkman, police patil of the village, Ex- sarpanch, an anganwadi teacher besides the ecologist Dr. Rashmi Mayur.

Ek Tha Kaua

The film depicts the various ways by which we are polluting our precious water resources. Even the crow hesitates to drink our water.

Spring in Sikkim

Sikkim is a paradise for the naturalist. The steep variations inelevation and rainfall help create a multitude of species within a limited area. The original inhabitants of Sikkim belonged to the Lepcha tribe, then came the members of the Bhutia tribe from Tibet, and even later the Nepalese. The Sikkimese love to decorate not only their homes but anything that can be decorted -with flowers. This film introduces to the viewer some floral - species of Sikkim.

Hum Dono-The Two Of Us

As the landscape of the city changes vetically, and the plush cars zoom by, an elderly couple who are notable artistes in their own right, find solace in each other's company and a dedication to feed the strays of the area and keep their surroundings green.

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is Kashmir, the valley having fascinating beauty bestowed by Nature. This film brings out the many splendored beauty that blossom in floral and seasonal variances. Artists capture this beauty in their works.


An animation film about water conservation. It starts in a small town afflicted with severe drought. All the water in the wells an driver has dried up. Munni is desperate to get water for her ailing mother but to no avail. Tired, she sleeps under a tree, where she dreams that she is waterning the ground and the flowers bloom.As she wakes up, she sees that her pitcher is full of water. She rushes back home.