001 Vaishnav Jan

The animation film is pictorial reflection of famous bhajan of Mahatma Gandhi "Vaishnav Jan To…".


Ten lakh people die every year of Mosquito bite. Swach Bharath is the only answer to this menace.

Bharat Ratna Babasaheb ( Song )

A tribute to the architect to our constitution Dr. Ambedkar.

B. V. Karanth - ( Baba )

Film on life and works of Late B.V. Karanth, Theatre Personality.

With Hope in Their Hearts

Film depicts the incredible historic journey of the Indo-European tribes who under duress begun their long track from the steppes of Central Asia located along the Dnieper, Don and Volga rivers. The film also explores the impact of modernization on Aryan tribes and how these people are surviving in rapidly evolving modern societies.

Soft Target

The film is about human trafficking that is swiftly prevailing lately in Manipur as scores of youths are being trafficked not only within India but also Abroad.

Sardar Patel : A Nation Stands United

The Film is a tribute to the 'Iron Man of India'for his contribution in uniting India as one Nation.

Rhythms of Life

Film depicts protest of crime & injustice against women through nava-rasa expressions in Indian classical dance.

Quami Ekta (Qaumi Ekta)

Songs on Communal Harmony based on Poems of celebrated poets.

Nirmal Ganga

The film on Prime Minister's ambitious initiative to clean up the Ganga.