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The Glimmering Countryside

India has 576,126 villages. While in 1951 only 3000 of them had electricity, by 1972 over 2 lakh of them were electrified.And by 1982 over 3 lakh villages were electrified. The Rural Electrification Corporation was set up in 1969 to plan and promote rural electrification on scientific basis through out the country. The Corporation finances rural electrification projects. 5881 projected were sanctioned until December 1982 estimated to cost Rs. 1848 cr. This film surveys India's achievement in rural electrification.

Tan Ki Chandi Man Ka Sona

Through a couple of poems penned by Sardar Jafri and recited by the matinee idol, Dilip Kumar, this quickie foregrounds faith in human labour that can sell silver of the body and gold of the mind.

Soaring High

This is a story in film on the development of gliding in India. Gliding centres have been set up in places like Poona, Banglore etc. and gliders are now being manufactured in India to make gliding cheaper and within the reach of more people.

Road to Freedom

A film drawing the history of India's freedom movement, right from 1857. People of India had to march on an arduous path which finally led to complete freedom in 1947. Winding through innumerable vicissitudes, it climaxed into the non-violent movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. It was on the midnight of August 14, 1947 India began her 'tryst with destiny'.

Pak Perfidy Exposed

On 5th August 1965 Pakistan raiders crossed the ceasefire line in Kashmir where two of such men captured turned out to be captains of the Pakistan army raising doubts of their peaceful intentions with India. The film becomes testimony to this incident while the President of India Dr. S. Radhakrishnan delivers the message for Kashmir to be a symbol of secular democracy.

New Wave Farmres

This is a film about a class of new entrants in the field of agriculture namely the urban gentry. Getting away from the din and bustle of the city, they have taken to farming with zeal and zest and thus brought about a synthesis between the urban and the rural.

Mother and Child ( Maa or Shishu )

A family welfare film is about the precautions that should be taken by the expectant mother during the period of pregnancy, which should also mean birth of a healthy baby.

Mayurakshi Dam

This film tells the story of harnessing the mighty river Mayurakshi with mostly human labour, for the benefit of the people of West Bengal. With its source in the Santhal Paraganas, the Mayurakshi River flows through Birbhum and Murshidabad in West Bengal. Canada under the Colombo Plan, has aided the construction of the dam.

Legal Aid

Free legal aid to the weaker sections of society is enshrined in the Directive Principles of the Indian Constitution. As Justice Bhagwati says, "Every person whose income is less than Rs. 5000 per year is entitled to free legal aid from a panel of lawyers appointed by each Legal Aid Committee." This film presents some cases of individuals helped by this service.

Koi Bhi Ho

The film deals with a message of family planning that a daughter is as good as son. A family in India is considered to be incomplete without a ‘Male’ child. Through the example of Actress Mala Sinha, the film attempts to break this notion of society and emphasizes on capabilities of a girl child who grows up to take equal responsibilities as men.