NM0293 A : Egypt - India : Abiding Friendship

The New Magazine highlights the Prime Minister Shri P. V. Narsimha Rao’s recent visit to Egypt.

NM0151 : Friendly Ties, Shared Values

"Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, June 6, 1989. President Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe extends warm welcome to the President of India, R. Venkataraman who is accompanied by his wife. The Indian community in Zimbabwe gathers at the airport to give a homely cheer to the visiting President.
June 7: A salute to the memory of freedom fighters at Heroes Acre. At a state banquet, President of Zimbabwe delivers a speech followed by the Indian President's..

NM0139A : Towords Panchsheel

Highlights the official goodwill visit of prime minister Rajiv Gandhi to the people's republic of china in December, 1988.

NM0012 : Towards Global Understanding

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. President Todar Zhikov welcomes the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 6th November, 1981. Mrs. Gandhi visits the Sofia University to receive the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. She also attends various cultural programmes. Rome, November 9: Italian Prime Minister Giovani Spadolini welcomes Mrs. Gandhi. At the Vatican, Pope John Paul the Second accords a private audience to the Indian leader. The Holy Father gives his blessing to Mrs. Gandhi and her family. Mrs. Gandhi visits various historical places. Paris, November 12: Mrs.

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay - A Tribute to Her Life and Work

I left the highway of politics to step into the sideline of constructive work. Fieldwork with the artisans, the artists, those who create and produce that mankind may live and grow, no ton bread alone, but on things of beauty which uplift and raise us above the petty things of everyday life," said Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay. Born on April 3, 1903 in Mangalore, Kamala came in contact with the poet-actor Harindranath in Madras. They felling love and got married in 1919. Covering interviews with Kamaladevi herself, this film draws an interesting sketch of her life and work.

In Rural India

The New Economic Programme aimed at providing economic and social justice to the rural poor. Rigorous implementation of land ceiling laws made available surplus land for distribution to the landless peasants. Minimum wages were upgraded to benefit the poor. Moratorium on rural debts brought immediate relief to millions living in rural areas. The new economic programme introduced several schemes to help the poor live a dignified life.

A House of Your Own (Ghar Apna)

A film about housing shows the work done by the Housing& Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (HUDCO) established in 1970. HUDCO has developed a scheme which aims at providing housing facilities to the people in lower income groups.

Guru Babu - Man of Classical Manipuri Dance

Biographical documentary film based on life history of Guru Babu, classical Manipuri dancer.

Grow More Food

Film about growing kitchen gardens by which we can grow more food.