Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

A biographical film about Babasaheb Ambedkar, the chief architect of the Constitution of India. Dr. Ambedkar dedicated his life to the cause of the downtrodden. Born of humble parents, Bhimrao the 14th child of an army subedar had his primary schooling in Dapoli in Konkan and at Satara in Maharashtra. Aided by scholarships, brilliant Bhimrao attended college in Bombay. Later he went to Columbia University in New York. He set up his legal practice in Bombay High Court in 1924. As a member of the Bombay Legislative Assembly, an active public career was already in the making.

At The Helm

This T. V. film deals with Mrs. Indira Gandhi's role as Prime Minister of India since January 1966. It was meant to create a proper image of our Prime Minister in Japan before she visited that country in June 1969.

Friendship for Peace and Progress

The film about the Indo-Soviet friendship that has given India several industrial projects either through joint-ventures or aid, such as Brauni Refinery in Bihar, Bhilai and Bokaro still plants etc. Around 70 industrial projects had been set up with Soviet technical and economic collaboration. Power projects set up with the Soviet assistance accounted for 20% of the total power generation in the country. The Suratgarh farm in the heart of the Rajasthan desert was India's first major mechanised state farm which emerged through Indo-Soviet co-operation.

A Day With Beggars

The film campaigning against beggary, a social evil. We spend Rs.10.1 million every day or Rs.3910 million every year. Society should, as this film advocates, evolve ways to prevent beggary as this evil cannot be eradicated by laws only, though many states have passed a law against beggary.

250 Years, Defence Accounts Department

The film depicts the activities of the Defence Accounts Department.

With Hope in Their Hearts

Film depicts the incredible historic journey of the Indo-European tribes who under duress begun their long track from the steppes of Central Asia located along the Dnieper, Don and Volga rivers. The film also explores the impact of modernization on Aryan tribes and how these people are surviving in rapidly evolving modern societies.

This Land Is Mine

Asia's largest farmers' co-operative - the Indian Farmers' Fertilizer Co-operative Ltd. (IFFCO) was formed in 1967. IFFCO's basic aim is to usher in a substantial change in India's rural life. This film presents a village in South India, which was adopted by the IFFCO a couple of years ago.

Therayattam ( Worship Dances of Malabar )

One of the oldest forms of organized dance worship in north Malabar of Kerala is the "Therayattam". The performers can improvise the dance to suit the occasion.

Soft Target

The film is about human trafficking that is swiftly prevailing lately in Manipur as scores of youths are being trafficked not only within India but also Abroad.

Sardar Patel : A Nation Stands United

The Film is a tribute to the 'Iron Man of India'for his contribution in uniting India as one Nation.