NM0442 : Crushed Blossoms

The film depicts the problem of child prostitution in a comprehensive manner. It probes into the socio-economic roots of the problem. The endeavours of the police and government protective homes to rescue & rehabilitate minor girls are highlighted in the film.

NM0424 : Vermiculture

The film depicts earthworms which feed on organic debris to eliminate the organic waste accumulated by other animals and human beings. The organic waste which is converted into organic manure is known as Vermicompote.

NM0380 : Dharavi - A New Beginning

Dharavi is known as the biggest slum in Asia the film narrates the success story of joint efforts made by the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (B.M.M.C.) and the residents of Dharavi in "Clean Dharavi - Beautiful Dharavi" drive today Dharavi has set a shining example for rest of India.

NM0322 : Ayurveda

The film draws the attention of the audience to focus on the age old system of medicine - Ayurveda practiced from vedic periods and how it has proved a sure panacea to some of the chronic diseases.

NM0239 : The White Tigers of Nandankanan

Adjacent to Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa is a modern zoo called Nadankanan, which houses the world famous white-tigers. It has the maximum concentration of these rare animals, which are created due to mutant gene. The original Rewa strain, the original Nandankanan strain, and their mixed breed are found here, which number around twenty. There is also a white-tiger safari here, which is the only of its kind in the world.

NM0154 : The Frozen Continent

Vasco port in Goa, The motor ship Thuleland from Sweden has been chartered by the Department of Ocean Development to launch the 8th Antarctica Expedition led by Dr. Amitava Sengupta. Animation explains the technicalities involved in the expedition. The film is a comprehensive demonstration about what goes into taking up such an adventurous expedition. Scientists from the Department of Ocean Development and the National Institute of Oceanography study samples of water. All communications are done via satellite.

NM0113 : The 3rd Saf Games

Calcutta, the venue of the third South Asian Federation Games, The event is opened by Mr. R. Venkataraman, President of India. The Games Flame is brought in by Milkha Singh, an ace runner. Leslie Claudius lights the flame. Then comes the march past of the participating teams from the seven SAARC countries. The mascot of the 3rd SAF Games is brought in. Various games include 400 meters run for women, table tennis, shot put, boxing, fly weight class, women's long jump, 400 - meter hurdles for women, weight lifting, etc. The championship trophy is received by the Indian team.

NM0425 : Silicon Dust ( Anamol Patthar-Bemol, Zindagi )

The film talks about the precious stone called "AGATE" and its utility in human life, it also discusses the problem of silicosis encountered by the workers who become victims of incurable diseases caused by silicon dust in the process of making "AGATE" stone.

NM0325 : Thirst

This News Magazine depicts the problem of Water Scarcity among the tribal people of Jawhar Taluka, Thane District. The tribal’s are not able to utilise the water from Surya Dam, which is in their own vicinity and which was built for their benefit.

NM0291 : A Celestial Tryst

It is a news magazine on the Solar Eclipse that took place on 24th October, 1995 and was seen across the breadth of the country from Diamond Harbour in the East to Nseem Ka Thana in the West by both Scientists and enthusiasts.