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"A DREAM FULFILLED: India's first atomic power plant at Tarapur goes into operation. The Rs. 600 mn, US aided project has a total generating capacity of 400 mw of electricity.
2. SHIPS FOR THE NAVY: ""Poshak, the first Avcat tanker to be built in India, at Bombay's Mazagon dock Also at Calcutta, a colourful ceremony marks the launching of the Navy boat 'Amar' made by the Garden Reach Works.
3. NEWS IN BRIEF: (a) USSR FILM FESTIVAL - Bombay. Before this it was held in Delhi, Calcutta, Madras and Trivandrum. A traditional welcome to the leading Soviet artistes. (b) AWARDS FOR BEST CONDUCTORS: Bombay citizens honour two of BEST's outstanding conductors. (c) RAFI AHMED KIDWAI STAMP: A special stamp issued by the postal dept. to the genius who introduced the all-up airmail scheme. (d) SIKH DEMONTRATION FOR TURBAN In Delhi, against the ban on turbans and bears imposed in Britain. (e) BENGAL BUNDH: Scenes in Calcutta.
4. EMINENT PERSONS HONOURED: At Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.
5. CHILD ART EXHIBITION: The Shankar's annual contests in New Delhi.
6. SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS: (a) 3RD ALL INDIA DEAF AND DUMB SPORTS MEET: in Calcutta. (b) YATCHING REGATTA: Bombay harnour. GANDHIJI: If a beggar would not work, I should let him go ..."