A Village Called Dhani

The film depicting a true story of a Harijan village called Dhani near Farrukh Nagar in Haryana. The Dhani inhabitants through their determination and hard work turned the most barren land around into a green, productive expanse. Helped by the officers of the Small Farmers Development Agency, the Dhani folks learnt the new and economical techniques of agriculture. They could infuse their lives with new optimism.

Thirty Fifth All India Police Games - 1986

A film recording various events that took place during the game shield at the different stadia in New Delhi during the 35th All India Police Games. At the closing ceremony, the contingents of all Central and State Police Organisations received prizes from Arun Nehru, Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

We Have Promises To Keep

On 26th of June, 1975 the state of emergency was declared by the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. This film collects reactions of cross-section of people about changes brought about by the Emergency for their benefit. The film also includes an interview with the Prime Minister.

Vicious Enemy

`Vicious Enemy' is a two-reeler documentary dealing with the scourge of venereal diseases. Designed to educate the layman, this film conveys its moral through the story of a man who falls a helpless prey to the disease but rescues himself finally with the help of available clinical advice.

Thunder of Freedom

This film shows how the country was beset with the problems such as communal riots and violence prior to the proclamation of the Emergency and how things have changed for the better during Emergency.

The World of Sound - Hello Vadiraj

The film shows how the early detection of speech and hearing defects and its treatment can help the handicapped to overcome their defects and pave way for their integration with the normal people.

The Vital force

Set in a village in South India, the film is the story of the villager's contribution to the national effort to produce more, to mobilize all available resources and to defend their village and the country.

The Third Hand

The film indicating that it is the external unseen forces (the third hand) which grab the average man unawares and turn him against his own brothers and sisters. In order to destabilise the country, they create communal disharmony and spread hatred. Every individual in India should be vigilant and guard the nation against divisive forces.

The Other Front

The film try to portray that increase in prices cannot be justified whether it is peace-time or war-time so long as there is a steady supply of the essential commodities. The film shows bumper crops, stocked grains, storage of kerosene and petrol and sugar. The film concludes by showing a market place and warns the public not to indulge in excessive purchase which would encourage profiteers to hoard the essential and create artificial scarcity.

Tears and Smiles

The Sri Lankan ethnic crisis took a violent turn in July 1983. Thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils started fleeing their country and took refuge on the Indian soil. On humanitarian grounds India gave them shelter, food, clothing and all other facilities, and also made prolonged efforts to mediate between warring factions and the Sri Lankan government for a political solution. This eventually resulted in the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord. As per the agreement, India started repatriating Sri Lankan refugees back to their soil as normalcy prevailed.