Taming of Snows

The Himalayas dominate the northern frontiers of India from Ladakh in the North West to Arunachal in the North East. The Himalayan region has the greatest concentration of snows and glaciers outside the Polar region. Millions of our people live the Himalayan valley. Our soldiers guard the high Himalayan Mountains. The calm and splendour of these mountains can at times be deceptive. With heavy snow fall grows the danger of avalanches. When avalanche strikes, it can spell disaster.

Pine Resin Industry in U. P.

The film deals with the pine resin industry in India.

Packaging for Progress

In modern times, packaging does not mean only a pack or a container -tin can, paper carton or glass bottle. It is now widely recognised as a system which involves not only creation and production of apackage formed from a number of materials but a great deal more. The main functions of packaging are to carry, contain, deliver and dispense. It is in the field of creative and cost-effective packaging that the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) endeavours to play an important role.

A Growing House

A film focussing on the activities of the National Building Organisation (NBO) which attempts to provide houses for poor families in small towns and villages. NBO is engaged in developing low cost housing.

Making of A Fighter Pilot

This film shows how the Indian Air Force grooms its cadets into fighter pilots.

National Defence Academy

This is an account of the training given to the future officer’s of India's three armed services. The National Defence Academy, till lately at Dehra Dun, is the centre where cadets are trained for the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. The entire scheme of training the cadets has been passed presented here in a vivid manner.

Progressive Voyage - Konkan Railwa

This documentary film portrays Konkan railway as a synonym of " Engineering Marvel " A 20th century railway infrastructure project has improved connectivity with the rest of India bring better opportunities for trade & commerce.