The Glimmering Countryside

India has 576,126 villages. While in 1951 only 3000 of them had electricity, by 1972 over 2 lakh of them were electrified.And by 1982 over 3 lakh villages were electrified. The Rural Electrification Corporation was set up in 1969 to plan and promote rural electrification on scientific basis through out the country. The Corporation finances rural electrification projects. 5881 projected were sanctioned until December 1982 estimated to cost Rs. 1848 cr. This film surveys India's achievement in rural electrification.

Mother and Child ( Maa or Shishu )

A family welfare film is about the precautions that should be taken by the expectant mother during the period of pregnancy, which should also mean birth of a healthy baby.

Mayurakshi Dam

This film tells the story of harnessing the mighty river Mayurakshi with mostly human labour, for the benefit of the people of West Bengal. With its source in the Santhal Paraganas, the Mayurakshi River flows through Birbhum and Murshidabad in West Bengal. Canada under the Colombo Plan, has aided the construction of the dam.

Koi Bhi Ho

The film deals with a message of family planning that a daughter is as good as son. A family in India is considered to be incomplete without a ‘Male’ child. Through the example of Actress Mala Sinha, the film attempts to break this notion of society and emphasizes on capabilities of a girl child who grows up to take equal responsibilities as men.

Janata College

The film depicts how the Janata College scheme attempts to equip our sons of soil with an all-round education and to foster new attitudes in life, useful for the new social order.

Vicious Enemy

`Vicious Enemy' is a two-reeler documentary dealing with the scourge of venereal diseases. Designed to educate the layman, this film conveys its moral through the story of a man who falls a helpless prey to the disease but rescues himself finally with the help of available clinical advice.

The World of Sound - Hello Vadiraj

The film shows how the early detection of speech and hearing defects and its treatment can help the handicapped to overcome their defects and pave way for their integration with the normal people.

The Other Front

The film try to portray that increase in prices cannot be justified whether it is peace-time or war-time so long as there is a steady supply of the essential commodities. The film shows bumper crops, stocked grains, storage of kerosene and petrol and sugar. The film concludes by showing a market place and warns the public not to indulge in excessive purchase which would encourage profiteers to hoard the essential and create artificial scarcity.

The Hidden Enemy

An instructional film appealing to the public to be careful in buying food stuff, medicines or any other daily consumable items because it can be adulterated. It shows certain methods of by which consumers can ensure themselves against such adulteration.

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme

This is a Promotional film on Senior Citizen Saving Scheme of National Saving Institute, Ministry of Finance.