The Last Trip

The fast paced city life leads some to seek refuge in some intoxication. Gradually the intoxication becomes an inseparable part of their life. For some men this addiction turns into fatal attraction. They start withering away towards death and prepare their last journey......

Healthy Children - Strong Nation

Healthy and happy children create hope for the development of a strong nation. This film highlights how the Government of India has taken important initiatives like Polio eradication programme, Child Line Service, National Social Security programme and Mid-day meal scheme for the overall well-being of children and their bright future.

Drought Prone Area Programme

The film describing the new strategy that aims at improving the living conditions of the people in drought prone areas. This strategy is a multi-disciplinary programme in agriculture and its allied sectors including livestock, fisheries and forestry.

250 Years, Defence Accounts Department

The film depicts the activities of the Defence Accounts Department.

This Land Is Mine

Asia's largest farmers' co-operative - the Indian Farmers' Fertilizer Co-operative Ltd. (IFFCO) was formed in 1967. IFFCO's basic aim is to usher in a substantial change in India's rural life. This film presents a village in South India, which was adopted by the IFFCO a couple of years ago.

In Rural India

The New Economic Programme aimed at providing economic and social justice to the rural poor. Rigorous implementation of land ceiling laws made available surplus land for distribution to the landless peasants. Minimum wages were upgraded to benefit the poor. Moratorium on rural debts brought immediate relief to millions living in rural areas. The new economic programme introduced several schemes to help the poor live a dignified life.

A House of Your Own (Ghar Apna)

A film about housing shows the work done by the Housing& Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (HUDCO) established in 1970. HUDCO has developed a scheme which aims at providing housing facilities to the people in lower income groups.

Care of The Ear

The human ear needs to be protected from all physical injuries and infections. Infection of the internal ear can cause deafness, vomiting or vertigo. While cautioning people against taking recourse to strange home remedies or consulting quacks, this film shows care of the ear is taken scientifically. It also warns against the harmful noise pollution.

Central Excise

By imposing excise duty on certain goods, the Central Government earns revenue. This film underlines the fact that the central excise is not a tax in the real sense but a contribution made by the public for the general good of the nation. The rate of excise duty is kept at the minimal level in case of the cottage industries, co-operative societies, etc. Certain items such as yarn for handlooms, etc. are also exempted from its purview.

Bombay Port

The port of Bombay is India's premier gateway of trade and commerce. Bombay harbour is considered to be one of the safest and most spacious in the world. This port has been administered by Bombay Port Trust since 1873. The Bombay port handles 17 million tonnes of cargo every year (1982 figures) or 2000 tonnes of cargo every hour. This film provides information on various facilities that this port offers, including the dry dock, the ship breaking yard, etc.