001 Vaishnav Jan

The animation film is pictorial reflection of famous bhajan of Mahatma Gandhi "Vaishnav Jan To…".

Plastic World

In a vast and arid dystopian landscape of the future, covered in plastic waste, one man struggles to survive with his wife and dog. He scavenges a living in his world and they barely manage to survive. The only source of daylight comes pouring through a hole in the leaden sky which mountains of waste seem to lead up to and to the man this is a place of escape. One day he brings a fish home that he has scrounged from a plastic choked stream and after they feast on it, the dog dies, turning into plastic. His wife too displays the same symptoms.

Chimukli - Save The Child Girl

This film is on saving the girl child and stopping female foeticide. There is no comparison between a boy and a girl, both are equally important for the well being of society. As girls are looked upon as a symbol of love and care, the girl child in this film makes a humble request to live and make a difference in the world. The film shows positivity, hope and acceptance of girl child.


The strong hands have limitless abilities, infinite possibilities, to do everything from pulling the strings of hearts, filling dreams with colors. Hands can create anything to make life easier, But! Not always, the creativity can even kill the aesthetic sense and peace in human life. Out of search in peace and serenity the hands destroys its own creation and prays for healthy and peaceful living.