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Do Gaz Ki Doori

                       In his interac on with Gram Panchs across the country, the

                       Prime Minister asked ci zens to maintain a Do Gaj Ki Doori

                       i.e Two Yards of Distance between people to follow social


                       h ps://

                       “To become self-reliant and self-sufficient is the biggest

                       lesson learnt from Corona pandemic” PM

                       COVID - 19 Economic

                       Response Task Force

                       To deal with the economic challenges caused by the

                       pandemic, the Prime Minister announced the crea on of the

                       ‘COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force’ under the Union

                       Finance Minister.

                       Announces Rs 1.7 Lakh Crore

                       Financial Package

                       The Narendra Modi Government on the 26th of March

                       announced a Financial Package of Rs 1.7 Lakh Crore which

                       focuses on emergency cash transfers to the poor.
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