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                Several  important  reforms  have  already     The  Sagacious  leadership  of  the  Prime
                been enacted to realize this goal in the first   Minister  was  once  again  proved  during

                year of Modi 2.0 Government. A massive         handling of the situa on a er the historic
                cut in corporate taxes making India one of     verdict  of  the  Supreme  Court  on  the

                the  most  compe  ve  economies  in  the       Ayodhya-Ram Janmabhoomi.
                world, big disinvestment announcements,
                                                               The  Se lement  of  the  decades  old  Bru-
                Labour Code reforms, Public Sector Banks
                                                               Reang  Refugee,  ending  insurgencies  and
                consolida on and con nued success of the
                                                               integra ng  the  former  cadres  into  the
                Insolvency  and  Bankruptcy  Code  are  just
                                                               mainstream be it in Tripura and the Bodo
                some  of  the  path-breaking  reforms
                                                               Agreement  are  a  tes mony  to  the  Prime
                undertaken by the government since May
                                                               Minister’s  vision  of  “Sabka  Saath  Sabka
                                                               Vikas, Sabka Vishwas”

                Prime  Minister  Narendra  Modi  had  been
                                                               Several other promises like extending PM-
                voted  back  to  power  with  an  enhanced
                                                               KISAN  to  all  farmers,  pensions  to  small
                mandate in the General Elec ons held in
                                                               traders and farmers, forming a unified Jal
                April-May 2019.
                                                               Shak   Ministry  and  more,  have  already
                The  Government  had  taken  several           been fulfilled.
                important  decisions  which  transformed
                                                               The  Following  pages  give  an  exhaus ve
                India  like  never  before.  Foremost  among
                                                               summary of various decisions taken by the
                them being the abroga on of Ar cle 370
                                                               Modi 2.0 Government in the last one year, a
                and  35A,  thus  fulfilling  the  decades-old
                                                               decisive period in the Indian history and the
                demand of the na on.
                                                               dawn of a New India, a bright India.
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