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                The  Country  and  the  World  is  going       India put in every effort to convert the crisis
                through an unprecedented crisis owing to       into an opportunity. It went  into a mode of

                COVID-19  since  the  beginning  of  2020.     self-reliance    and  sprung  into  ac on  to
                Na ons across the Globe have gone into         become “Aatmanirbhar”.

                lockdown and people are struggling to find
                                                               When the Corona crisis started, there was
                ways to fight the disease and its spread.
                                                               not a single PPE kit made in India. The N-95

                Even  as  social  distancing  and  change  of   masks were produced in small quan  es in
                lifestyles became a new normal, India under    India.
                the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra
                                                               Today we are in a posi on to produce 2 lakh
                Modi is one of the first countries to put up a
                                                               PPE and 2 lakh N-95 masks daily. We were
                concerted,  comprehensive  ac on  plan  to
                                                               able  to do  this  because  India  turned  this
                stop the spread of the virus and limit the
                                                               crisis into an opportunity.
                number of COVID-19 infec ons.
                                                               This  vision  of  India  -  turning  crisis  into
                Interna onal Organisa ons like the WHO
                                                               opportunity-  is  going  to  prove  equally
                have praised the efforts made by the Indian
                                                               effec ve for our resolve of self-reliant India.
                Government to fight the pandemic.
                                                               Towards this direc on the Prime Minister
                India  is  one  of  the  few  countries  which
                                                               announced a 20 Lakh Crore Rupee S mulus
                announced  a  complete  Lockdown  even
                                                               package,  which  is  about  10%  of  GDP,  in
                before the number of the COVID cases in
                                                               order to boost the economy and sustain the
                the country were less than 500.
                Under  the  leadership  of  Prime  Minister
                Narendra Modi the ci zens demonstrated
                their  full  commitment  in  preven ng  the

                spread of COVID-19.
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