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PM At the

                Helm of

                India’s Fight

                Against COVID–19

                = Holds mee ngs with various                     personally interacts with doctors,
                  stakeholders on a daily basis on various       nurses, health workers, sanita on
                  aspects of mi ga ng the spread of              workers, COVID pa ents and those who

                  CoronaVirus and figh ng the COVID-19            recovered.

                = Interacts with the Ministers on a daily     = Held mee ngs with representa ves of
                  basis and takes regular feedback from          Print Media, TV Channels, Radio
                  them on Corona Virus related issues            Jockeys, Religious Leaders, NGOs/Civil

                  h ps://  Society Organisa ons

                                                              = The Prime Minister also held separate
                = Takes briefings from Cabinet Secretary,
                                                                 Video Conferences with the various
                  Principal Secretary to PM, Health
                                                                 Heads of Indian Missions abroad.
                  Secretary, Home Secretary on a daily
                  basis.                                      = Held Video Conferences with Doctors

                                                                 and Medical Professionals.
                = Mee ngs to review Financial,
                  Agriculture, Educa on, Civil Avia on,       = Separate Video Conferences with
                  Power sectors.                                 representa ves of Pharma Sector and
                                                                 Ayush Prac  oners.
                = Interacts with over 150 people daily

                = Regularly calls over phone and
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