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புதிய என்ன

புதிய என்ன
SL. No. Title Details
1 Vacancy Circular for filling up the Post of Chief Executive Officer, CBFC, Mumbai Download (1.06 MB) pdf
2 Implementation of the provisions of the Juvenile Justice & POCSO Act 2012 regarding prohibition on disclosure of identity of children by media. Download (947.2 KB) pdf
3 Filing of monthly teleport report through online module - reg. Download (247.55 KB) pdf
4 Supreme Court direction WP(Civil) No.754 of 2016 in Tehseen S.Poonawalla vs Union of India and others regarding lynching and mob violence Download (457.97 KB) pdf
5 लेखा एक झलक : सूचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्रालय वर्ष : 2017-18 Download (1.53 MB) pdf
6 Directory of Pay & Accounts Offices and Drawing & Disbursing Offices of M/o Information & Broadcasting as on 01.09.2018 Download (1.35 MB) pdf
7 Amendment in Policy Guidelines Download (384.93 KB) pdf
8 Study on Listenership, Reach and Effectiveness of Community Radio Stations in India Download (1.58 MB) pdf
9 Holding of Pension Adalat on 18.09.2018 by each Ministry/Deptt./Organisation/ Field Formation Download (259.84 KB) pdf
10 Creation of 21 Posts of Senior Accounts Officer in Level-10 in the Central Civil Accounts Services (CCAS) in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Download (852.31 KB) pdf
11 Notification for appointment of Chairman of PCI Download (240.25 KB) pdf
12 Notification for appointment of 18 Non-official members of PCI Download (1.74 MB) pdf
13 Notification in r/o of tenure of Shri K. Srinivas Rao as a Non-official member of PCI Download (1.66 MB) pdf
14 Holding of Pension Adalat on 18.09.2018 by each Ministry/Deptt./Organization /Field Formation Download (137.63 KB) pdf
15 List of CPIOs in the O/o Chief Controller of Accounts, M/o I&B as on 30/07/2018. Download (245.53 KB) pdf
16 Launching of New Website of PAO (IRLA) for Gr.A Officers of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Download (787.97 KB) pdf
17 List of LOI holders as on 21.05.2018 Download (269.07 KB) pdf
18 CRS Status at a Glance as on 21.05.2018 Download (72.05 KB) pdf
19 List of applications under consideration in The Ministry for permission to set up community radio station as on 21.05.2018 Download (195.83 KB) pdf
20 List of CRS who have signed GOPA as on 21.05.2018 Download (148.15 KB) pdf
21 Regarding submission of online applications for change of name/logo etc and Foreign Remittance proposals.. Download (243.53 KB) pdf
22 Modified Guidelines for Journalist Welfare Scheme Download (189.78 KB) pdf
23 Reconstitution of Central Press Accreditation Committee Download (602.74 KB) pdf
24 Login Credentials for Broadcast Seva Download (321.74 KB) pdf
25 List of LOI holders as on 29.12.2017 Download (255.77 KB) pdf
26 Order dated 12.12.2017 for prohibiting transmission of VTV Channel for one day Download (1.76 MB) pdf
27 status at a glance of Private satellite TV channels as on 30.09.2017 Download (342.85 KB) pdf
28 Draft Seniortiy list of Junior Grade of IIS Group 'A' as on 01.04.2017 Download (376.25 KB) pdf
29 Commemoration of 'Quit India Movement' Anniversary and 'Independence Day' Download (724.1 KB) pdf
30 FCAT Order - Sameer (Hindi) Download (79.79 KB) pdf
31 Launch of an online portal 'Broadcast seva' Download (457.69 KB) pdf