विषय वस्तु नियमन

SL. No. New Title Details Publish Date (dd/mm/Y)
1 Implementation of Accessibility Standards for Persons with Disabilities in TV programmes डाउनलोड (471.81 केबी) pdf 14/08/2019
2 Advisory on 20th Anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas डाउनलोड (324.77 केबी) pdf 25/07/2019
3 Advisory on displaying castings/credits/titles of Hindi / Regional language TV serials in the respective languages. डाउनलोड (231.46 केबी) pdf 14/06/2019
4 हिंदी/ प्रादेशिक भाषा के टीवी धारावाहिकों के कास्टिंग्स/क्रेडिट्स/शीर्षकों का संबंधित भाषा में प्रदर्शन करने के संबंध में सलाह-पत्र -hindi डाउनलोड (104.23 केबी) pdf 14/06/2019
5 Advisory dated 14.02.2019 regarding adherence to the Programme and Advertising Codes of the CTN Act, 1995 डाउनलोड (274.09 केबी) pdf 15/02/2019
6 All Private TV Channels are requested to carry TV programmes with sign language interpretation for accessing by differently abled people डाउनलोड (313.54 केबी) pdf 11/02/2019
7 Advisory dated 24.01.2018 on sign language interpretation डाउनलोड (342.53 केबी) pdf 24/01/2019
8 Scroller to be carried by broadcasters in support of self-regulation for grievance against objectionable advertisements-reg डाउनलोड (400.78 केबी) pdf 24/01/2019
9 Letter dt. 05.06.2018 to all Private Satellite TV/FM Radio channels for consider to A&N Islands in all their weather forcasts and similar generic topics डाउनलोड (340.67 केबी) pdf 11/06/2018
10 Guidelines for Media Reporting on Children- Reference from National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) डाउनलोड (1.65 एमबी) pdf 06/06/2018