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Content Regulation

SL. No. New Title Details Publish Date (dd/mm/Y)
1 Remuneration of Persons engaged in Broadcasting Sector Download (1.4 MB) pdf 29/05/2020
2 Advisory on COVID19 - Television Commercial by Shri Amitabh Bachchan on basic dos and don'ts of COVID-19 Download (3.11 MB) pdf 19/03/2020
3 Advisory on COVID19 Download (1.29 MB) pdf 03/03/2020
4 Advisory to all Private Satellite TV channels to ensure strict compliance of Programme Code and Advertising Code Download (2.66 MB) pdf 26/02/2020
5 Launch of Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) on Women Safety / Persons in Distress - reg. Download (5.33 MB) pdf 30/01/2020
6 Compliance with the directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India Judgement dated 17.07.2018 and 24.09.2018 in the WP(Civil) No. 754 of 2016 in Tehseen S. Poonawala Vs. Union of India & Others on the issues of lynching and mob violence, etc. Download (510.55 KB) pdf 27/01/2020
7 Advisory for carriage of sign language interpretation of Republic Day Ceremony Download (765.8 KB) pdf 24/01/2020
8 Advisory dated 20.12.2019 to all private TV channels Download (346.77 KB) pdf 20/12/2019
9 Advisory dated 11th December, 2019 under the CTN Act, 1995 to all Private Satellite TV Channels Download (360.46 KB) pdf 12/12/2019
10 Advisory to all Private Satellite TV Channels and FM Radio Channels to give wide publicity to Intensified Mission Indradhanush 2.0 Download (679 KB) pdf 27/11/2019