PART II Particulars of excisions and modifications :
FORM VIII [See rules 22(9) and 24 (9)] CENTRAL BOARD OF FILM CERTIFICATION Form of Report of Member of Examining/Revising Committee
N.B. :-

  1. Please study the guidelines issued by Government once again before you preview the film.
  2. Please remember that the objectives of film censorship are to ensure that the medium of film remains responsible and sensitive to the values and standards of society; that artistic expression and creative freedom are not unduly curbed and that censorship is responsive to social change.

File No.
Dated :

1._________________________ (in block letters), attended the meeting of the Examining Committee/ Revising Committee on _________ and I hereby record my opinion in Parts B, C and D below.
Title of the film __________________________________________________________
Language _______________________________________________________________
Length of the film _______________ Meters ___________________ Reels __________
Gauge __________________________________________________________________
Black and White/ colour

  1. Do you recommend a certificateIf yes, please state whether you recommended that :-

    (i)the film be sanctioned for unrestricted public exhibition,
    i.e. fit for ‘U’ certificate; or

    (ii)the film be sanctioned for unrestricted public exhibition
    but with an endorsement of caution that the question as to
    whether any child below the age of 12 years may be allowed
    to see the film should be considered by the parents or
    guardian such child i.e. fir for ‘UA’ certificate or

    (iii) the film be sanctioned for public exhibition restricted to
    adults, i.e. fir for ‘A’ certificate; or

    (iv) the film be sanctioned for public exhibition restricted to
    members of any profession or any class of persons, i.e. fit
    for ‘S’ certificate.


  2. If the answer is to (i), (ii), (iii) or (iv) if yes, do you consider
    that the applicant should be directed to carry out any excisions
    or modifications? If yes, kindly specify the excisions or
    modifications in the proforma in Part C.

  3. If you consider that the film be granted ‘UA’ or ‘A’ or ‘S’ certificate, kindly give detailed reasons in the space below :
  4. If you consider that the film be granted ‘S’ certificate. Kindly specify below the class or group of persons which should constitute the specialised audiences :
  5. If you recommend a certificate
    1. are you satisfied that in the film:
      1. anti-social activities such as violence are not glorified or justified?
      2. the modus operandi of criminals or other visuals or words likely to incite the commission of any offence are not depicted ?
      3. pointless or avoidable scenes of violence, cruelty and horror are not shows? (iiia) scenes which have the effect of justifying or glorifying drinking are not shown ?
      4. human sensibilities are not offended by vulgarity, obscenity and depravity? (iva) visuals or words depicting women in ignoble servility to man or glorifying such servility as a praiseworthy quality in women are not presented;
      5. visuals or words contemptuous of racial, religious or other groups are not presented?
      6. the sovereignty and integrity of India is not called in question?
      7. the security of the State is not jeopardised or endangered?
      8. friendly relations with foreign States are not strained?
      9. public order is not endangered?
      10. visuals or words involving defamation or contempt of court are not presented ?
    2. Whether the film has been
      1. judged in its entirety from the point of view of its overall impact?
      2. examined in the light of contemporary standards of the country and the people to which the film relates.


Details of excisions or modifications

Clear and specific description of excisions
Reasons with specific

or modifications
reference to guidelines







  1. Wherever a scene or sequence is to be reduced, extent of reduction should be indicated in one of the following terms :-

    Extent of Reduction

    (i)Reduced drastically i.e.
    by 80% to 90 %

    Reduced considerably
    by 50 % to 60 %

    by 30 % to 40 %

    Reduce to a flash
    only 1/2 to 1 meter to be kept in the film

  2. Also if certain portions are to be completely deleted while reducing a scene or a sequence, these should be specified.

If you feel that the film should be refused a certificate, kindly give detailed reasons below specifying the objectionable scenes or sequences, guidelinewise: