Film Certification Appellate Tribunal

The Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT), a statutory body, is constituted under this Ministry in accordance with Section 5(D) of the Cinematograph Act, 1952 (37 of 1952). The Headquarter of the Tribunal is in New Delhi.

The Tribunal hears the appeals filed under Section 5(C) of the Act. Any applicant, aggrieved by an order of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) can file an Appeal before the Tribunal under this Section.

The Tribunal is headed by a Chairperson, assisted by its members.

SL. No Title Details Publish Date (dd/mm/Y)
11 FCAT Order Cheerharan Download (1.19 MB) pdf 30/08/2018
12 FCAT Order URGE Download (154.67 KB) pdf 25/06/2018
13 FCAT Order Ravi History Download (467.49 KB) pdf 25/06/2018
14 FCAT Order Gandhi Ek Saazish Download (981.71 KB) pdf 18/05/2018
15 FCAT Order Aabhaasam Download (1.25 MB) pdf 02/05/2018
16 FCAT Order Kaalakandi Download (2.38 MB) pdf 06/04/2018
17 FCAT Order Battle for Banaras Download (889.57 KB) pdf 20/03/2018
18 FCAT Order Battle for Banaras Download (889.57 KB) pdf 20/03/2018
19 FCAT Order Wardiwala Gunda Download (329.77 KB) pdf 07/03/2018
20 FCAT Order The Brotherhood Download (211.57 KB) pdf 05/03/2018