Uplinking/ Downlinking of TV Channels

Uplinking/ Downlinking of TV Channels
SL. No. Title Details Publish Date (dd/mm/Y)
11 Open House Meeting 03.10.2018 - Reg. Download (38.38 KB) pdf 19/09/2018
12 Online module for filing monthly teleport report - reg. Download (198.99 KB) pdf 19/09/2018
13 Supreme Court Dated-07.08.2018-TV Channels not to display the photographs of the victims of sexual abuse either in morphed or blurred Download (481.37 KB) pdf 11/09/2018
14 Off-Air Order dated 5th September 2018 in respect of CVR Health TV Channel Download (1.19 MB) pdf 11/09/2018
15 Master List of Permitted Private Satellite TV Channels as on 31.08.2018.pdf Download (1.02 MB) pdf 11/09/2018