About Information Wing

The Information Wing of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is mandated with the task of Information dissemination, education and communication of various Government policies and Programmes through the various media units. It also undertakes the Cadre management of Indian Information Service, Policy formulation and administration, Policy planning and Coordination with various Media units and autonomous institutions of the Ministry.

Information Wing  plays a significant role in dissemination of information on key policy initiatives of the Government through various modes of communication and integrating various media campaigns for better outreach and impact. It also formulates necessary policies for facilitating the growth of print media and improving its reach. This endeavour of Information Wing is achieved with the help of the following Media Units under the Ministry:

  1. Bureau of Outreach and Communication
  2. Electronic Media Monitoring Centre
  3. Indian Institute of Mass Communication
  4. New Media Wing
  5. Press Council of India
  6. Press Information Bureau
  7. Publications Division
  8. Registrar of Newspapers for India

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