Content Regulation on Private TV Channels

Content Regulation on Private TV Channels
SL. No. Title Details Publish Date (dd/mm/Y)
1 Order dated 12.12.2017 for prohibiting transmission of VTV Channel for one day Download (1.76 MB) pdf 13/12/2017
2 Launch of an online portal 'Broadcast seva' Download (457.69 KB) pdf 15/05/2017
3 Warning dated 29.11.2016 to Reporter for violation of the programme code Download (1.07 MB) pdf 08/05/2017
4 Letter dated 8th Feb 2017 for compliance with court order relating to National Anthem of India Download (1.88 MB) pdf 08/05/2017
5 An Advisory dated 28-02-2017 issued to TV9 Marathi Channel for violation of Programme code Download (1.75 MB) pdf 08/05/2017
6 Advisory dated 10-03.2017 to tv channels to comply with rules 7(10) of advertising code scrupulously Download (449.61 KB) pdf 08/05/2017
7 Programme and Advertising Codes Download (27.92 KB) pdf 08/05/2017
8 Details of Orders/Warnings/Advisories issued to private TV Channels for violation of Programme or Advertising Code Download (91.09 KB) pdf 08/05/2017
9 Order dated 19.02.2008 regarding Monitoring Committee for Private TV Channels at the State and District Level Download (295.34 KB) pdf 08/05/2017