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Content Regulation on Private TV Channels

Content Regulation on Private TV Channels
SL. No. Title Details Publish Date (dd/mm/Y)
21 Advisory dated 13.06.2016 to all TV channel to carry the same language captions and audio description for accessing by persons with disabilities Download (392.3 KB) pdf 25/04/2017
22 Implementation of the recommendations of the Bezbauuah Committee report on the concerns of the people of North East living in other parts of the country Download (429.8 KB) pdf 25/04/2017
23 Reference from NCPCR - Disclosure of identity of the minor accused in media reports and reference from DCPCR - Protection of children from sexual offence Download (1.1 MB) pdf 13/12/2016
24 Telecast of UA certified Hindi Film The Dirty Pictures Download (173.23 KB) pdf 13/12/2016
25 Advisory to TV Channels on quiz based game shows Download (195.53 KB) pdf 13/12/2016
26 Re- constitution of inter Ministerial Committee (IMC) - Inclusion of JS ( Consumer Affairs ) Download (164.45 KB) pdf 13/12/2016
27 Telecast of Programmes apparently encouraging superstition and blind belief Download (108.28 KB) pdf 13/12/2016
28 Advisory on programmes on Troop movement - order of the Honorable Allahabad High Court Download (110.78 KB) pdf 13/12/2016
29 Order dated 17.5.2013 prohibiting transmission of Manoranjan TV Channel for seven days Download (2.07 MB) pdf 13/12/2016
30 List of State level Monitoring Committee as on 11.02.2014 Download (202.82 KB) pdf 13/12/2016