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Content Regulation on Private TV Channels

Content Regulation on Private TV Channels
SL. No. Title Details Publish Date (dd/mm/Y)
11 Letter dated 8th Feb 2017 for compliance with court order relating to National Anthem of India Download (1.88 MB) pdf 08/05/2017
12 An Advisory dated 28-02-2017 issued to TV9 Marathi Channel for violation of Programme code Download (1.75 MB) pdf 08/05/2017
13 Advisory dated 10-03.2017 to tv channels to comply with rules 7(10) of advertising code scrupulously Download (449.61 KB) pdf 08/05/2017
14 Programme and Advertising Codes Download (27.92 KB) pdf 08/05/2017
15 Details of Orders/Warnings/Advisories issued to private TV Channels for violation of Programme or Advertising Code Download (91.09 KB) pdf 08/05/2017
16 Order dated 19.02.2008 regarding Monitoring Committee for Private TV Channels at the State and District Level Download (295.34 KB) pdf 08/05/2017
17 Warning dated 29.11.2016 to people for violation of the programme code Download (1.02 MB) pdf 05/05/2017
18 Advisory dated 13.06.2016 to all TV channel to carry the same language captions and audio description for accessing by persons with disabilities Download (392.3 KB) pdf 25/04/2017
19 Implementation of the recommendations of the Bezbauuah Committee report on the concerns of the people of North East living in other parts of the country Download (429.8 KB) pdf 25/04/2017
20 Reference from NCPCR - Disclosure of identity of the minor accused in media reports and reference from DCPCR - Protection of children from sexual offence Download (1.1 MB) pdf 13/12/2016